The 5 stages of returning to uni

It’s that time of year again when we’re all gearing up to head back to uni – or maybe you’re already back (lucky you). Whether you’re getting ready for second year or your final year. We’re all at different stages of returning… read on to see which one of The 5 stages of returning to uni you’re at.

1. DYING to get back…or not

Since when did home become so BORING? Right now there’s nothing you’d rather do than sink five VKs at the cheesy union club night and sing along to S Club 7 with your mates. You’d even sacrifice your mum washing your clothes and cooking your meals to get back to uni. It’s that bad.

On the flip side, once you’re back on campus you’re potentially far away from all your close friends, long-distance partner and your family. It can be hard leaving them again and having to wait till the next break to see them.

3. Being chuffed to be back with your housemates

Once you’re back in your house, you’ll remember instantly just how much fun it is to live with a bunch of your friends. Need help with an assessment? Go next door. Need relationship advice? Go next door. Literally just bored? Go next door. It’s bliss!!!!

4. …Being not so chuffed to be back with your housemates

…Yeah, and then you’ll remember how one of them lets their plates grow mould, how one of them is incapable of emptying the bin, and how the girl above you insists on having incredibly loud sex every day. Maybe coming back isn’t all that great…

5. Realising you actually have to do work again

‘Anyone want to go to the library tomorrow?’ someone will text your house group chat. Library??? You’d managed to forget for the best part of three weeks that you actually had exams, a dissertation, coursework, and general uni to be getting on with. Then the seminar work emails will start coming in for the first few weeks and UUUUUUUGH. CBA. This is definitely something you’d dread when thinking about going back to uni.

6. DYING to go home

Week three. You’re living on pesto pasta again. You’ve forgotten how to do laundry. You’re somehow four weeks behind on work even though you’ve only been at uni for three. Is term over yet???

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