5 things you’ll relate to if you’re DYING for your loan to drop

It’s the end of the holidays, Christmas and New Year RINSED you, and you have about 56p to your name. Sound familiar? Here’s what you’ll relate to if you’re DYING for your loan to drop:

The only text you want is from Student Finance England

Your crush could probably text you, and you’d still fling your phone across the room in a rage. Where’s Student Finance!!! You need that 3-day warning text!!! You need that DOLLAR!!!!! When it finally comes in, you’ll practically cry with happiness. And then the 3-day wait will feel like an eternity.

You’re trying to figure out if you can still get your course books in time if you wait for the loan

So… if you get the loan in three days, and the term starts in seven days, and your books take ten days to get here… you’re basically fucked. Thank god for the library (not that you’ll bother to get books out in time to read them).

You have to turn down every opportunity to go out

You just know you’d end up dying of embarrassment trying to get a drink and getting your card rejected. When waiting for your loan to drop you know you can’t afford a Maccies cheeseburger at the end of the night… really, what’s the point in going out?

You’ve kind of stopped giving a fuck about money

Weirdly, though, you don’t really give a fuck anymore. When you’ve got a bit saved up, you’re a bit more tentative when it comes to spending – there’s a lot more to lose, you know? You could buy a cheap holiday with your savings but best not to piss it away. But now you have peanuts in your account, why not go crazy? That last tenner won’t get you anywhere so why not treat yourself to a Domino’s?

When it comes in you’ll swear you’ll change your ways

Now, you can’t go spending it straight away and ending up with no money in a few months, you’ll tell yourself. You don’t want a repeat of what’s just occurred. But a few weeks in you’ll be buying drinks for everyone again as usual, not a care in the world for your future self who’s already eagerly awaiting the summer term loan to come in…

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