A 7 minute workout for the 2019 gym newbies

January is the time when most people decide to launch into a new workout routine or find themselves on a crazy crash diet. But the key to starting to exercise, especially if you haven’t in a very long time, is finding something short, easy and simple – start small, build your confidence, and work your way up! Finding the best workout for you is also all about modification. Now, research has shown that just 7 minute workout can be better than hours and hours on a treadmill. So why not give these fundamental exercises a try?

To turn this into a mini-circuit, simply set a timer for 7 minutes and do each exercise for 20 seconds before moving onto the next one – take a short 20-second break after each full circuit but then start over again. Try to perform as many full circuits as you can within 7 minutes. This is a great beginner workout regardless of your goals, as it is high-intensity enough to act as cardio but also builds strength, too.

The Forearm Plank

This is an amazing full-body exercise, especially for your core and back muscles. Ensure that you keep your back flat and remember not to hold your breath.

The Push-Up

There’s a reason why everyone knows about the push-up… it’s one of the most fundamental exercises to incorporate into any workout! To work biceps and triceps more, keep arms closer together, and take them further apart to concentrate on the chest muscles. You can perform push-ups on your knees to make them easier, too. If you want to incorporate more cardio into this routine, simply switch these push-ups to burpees (you stand up and jump upwards before jumping down to perform each push up). I warn you though, this makes the workout a lot more challenging.

The Wall Sit

This is an amazing exercise for your leg muscles, especially your quads, and all you need is a wall. Just get down into a squat and hold it. Ensure you are in a deep squat with your legs parallel to the floor. Try not to rest your hands on your knees as this makes your legs do less of the work.

Shoulder Taps

Get into a push-up starting position and then lift each arm alternatively and tap the opposite shoulder. If this is too hard, simply do it while on your knees. This works your entire body, but especially your obliques (side abs) and your shoulder muscles.

My final top tips for starting a new workout routine:

1. Choose a time that works best for you, but in my opinion, nothing beats a morning workout. You’ll be energised for the rest of the day, and because you get it over with first thing, there’s no temptation to skip the workout after a long day.

2. Don’t bite off more than you can chew – start with something small you can stick to. Consistency is key!

3. Don’t just think about burning calories or burning off food to motivate yourself. Think of how great you feel after, mentally and physically.

4. ALWAYS take 1 or 2 rest days a week. Over time you’ll find you have more energy to cope with those long uni days.

5. Make a killer workout playlist… it helps more than anything else.

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