The 5 stages of a gruelling library day

Exam season is upon us, and that means one thing: the library and the illustrious library day. Here’s every moment you’ll experience in your typical 9-5 library day.

8 am: Wanting to die when your alarm goes off

Do you really need to go? Is your degree really worth it? You’ll roll over but then remember you promised to meet a friend at 9 am and uuuugh you really do have to get up because you want friends.

10 am: Eating your lunch prematurely and then thinking about lunch until noon

Library-ing from 9 to 12 comprises of staring at the wall thinking about what meal deal you’re going to get or trying to resist eating the sandwich you made this morning. You’ll inevitably end up eating it ridiculously early anyway and then either a) go and buy another, second lunch or b) end up distracted by the sounds of your own stomach grumbling at 1 pm.

12:30 pm: Doing approx. ten minutes worth of work

You’ll realise that you really ought to do some work and do some reading, at last, maybe open a Word document and type out ‘revision notes’. You’ll do a little countdown to exams and realise that you don’t have long at all and the panic will spur you on for a good few minutes. But then you’ll decide that imagining weird scenarios in your head is much more interesting, anything to avoid that library meltdown.

1:30 pm: Bugging your friends when you get bored

You’ll try to put a Snapchat filter over their face while they’re working. You’ll take their phone and post a juvenile status when they go to the toilet. You’ll throw a pencil at them. For some reason, the boredom has driven you back to Year 6 levels of humour and now a zoomed-in photo of their face is the funniest thing ever.

2:30 pm: Browsing ASOS for half an hour before realising you could do this in the comfort of your own bed and so leaving the library at a respectable 2:32 pm

Procrastinators call it ‘Time for a break,’ you think, as you come to the end of the first of two hundred pages of reading. Time for some online shopping! You’ll glance at the time, and figure – why not just go home? Rounded up, 2:30 is BASICALLY 5, right?

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