How to convince your friends to go out in January

January is one of the worst months of the year, with deadlines, cold weather, dark days, and lots of people doing Dry January… it is not ideal for those of us wanting to go out and have a good time. However, needs must, and sometimes you just have to get a break from it all! Here are a few tips on how to convince your friends to go out in January:

1. Use the ‘uni’ card

You are in your prime time of going out and enjoying late nights without the reality of having to wake up for a 9-5 job five days a week. Using this to justify making the most out of the ‘best three years of your life’ should work and make your friends rethink another night in.

2. Wingman/woman

If your friends are single or looking for a relationship, or even if they’re just looking to get to know more people, offer yourself up as a wing. It’s not often that they’ll pass off the chance to bump into their crush or widen their friendship circles. Using your friends’ love interests can be a good way to get THEIR interest in dressing up and going out.

3. Find fun events and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that can only be done then

That way, your friends will obviously feel bad when they force you to miss out on a spectacular night.

4. New clothes

This may be more applicable to women, but you know those new going out clothes you got for Christmas? They are not going to wear themselves. It’s a tough card to play, but if your friends are anything like mine, the idea of ignoring revision and dressing up in something you feel great in is something that can’t be ignored.

5. Because it’s January

Sometimes you do just need to go out and have a good time to cheer yourself up and have a break from the deadlines and stress. If you and your friends are beginning to feel cocooned in the library, going out and letting your hair down is the best way to refresh and make sure you’re feeling relaxed and ready for more productive sessions. So there you have it, my tips on how to slyly convince your friends to leave the house/library.

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