The struggles of finishing exams when no one else has

So, you started revising for your exams early and you finished your exams early, and now you’re ready to go out and hit the town. Slight problem: none of your friends have finished…the struggles of finishing exams when no one else has are real.

You’re woken up every morning anyway

Thinking about enjoying a nice, relaxing lie-in? Think again. You’ll be woken up at 7am each day by the rest of your housemates clattering down the stairs, slamming doors shut, and shouting at each other to hurry up lest they don’t get their favourite seat. You’ll roll over and try to fall back asleep, but it’s too late now, you’re wide awake.

No one wants to go out

All you want to do is paint the town red, but everyone else has got a 9am exam. You’ll send an optimistic ‘anyone wanna go out???’ message to your group chats, but you’ll just be left on read or even get angry react-ed. So you’ll end up in bed at 10pm, almost wishing you still did have exams so there was some valid excuse to this geriatric behaviour. It’s hard enough convincing people to go out in January but during exam time forget about it.

You’re feeling kind of aimless

While everyone is going to the library, you’re sitting watching cat videos on YouTube. It’s hard not to feel sort of lost when everyone around you is running about with such purpose and you’re not. You’ll tell yourself that you’ll actually use all this free time wisely and get ahead with your coursework, but let’s be real, that’s never gonna happen. So you’ll continue to watch cat videos filled with a vague sense of malaise.

Everyone always wants an early night

When you DO manage to convince people to drag themselves to the pub for a revision break, it’s only ever for ONE drink – and people actually mean it. Come 9 pm, and people are suggesting leaving, but you’re just getting started. Arguably, getting tantalisingly close to getting people to socialise and then failing to keep them out is worse than doing nothing in the first place.

You can’t even host prees

Finally, someone else will finish, but even then you can’t host prees because Beth has an exam the next morning. So you end up having a depressing prees in your bedroom without any music. It’s a tough life when you finish early.

Look on the bright side, at least you didn’t finish your exams last.

Serena Smith

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