Everyone you’ll hate in the library during exam season

Libraries can be hotbeds of stress, especially pre-exam period. You’ll encounter all sorts of people, that you don’t normally see during the semester…weirdly, amongst the bookshelves. Here’s a list of everyone you’ll meet in the library during exam season:

The eater

Someone will open up a Tupperware box and furtively begin eating something out of it. It’ll either smell horrendous, and you’ll want to vomit, OR (arguably, even worse) it’ll smell and look really good, and you’ll be very jealous, and it’ll only serve to remind you of how hungry you are.

The chatterbox

It’s a LIBRARY, not the PUB. No one cares who you shagged last week. It’s actually dumb on so many levels that you’ve chosen the library – a deathly silent place – to have a catch up with your housemate – who you see literally every single day. Unless you’re talking about revision – and even that can get annoying – get out of the library!!!!

The ghost

You know, those three books and a calculator that sit on an empty desk, marking someone’s territory. The hours tick by, and they still don’t show. Look, if you’ve gone for lunch, then okay, fine, leave your stuff behind. But if you’ve gone to do your weekly shop, meet up with a mate, go home, and then come back? Please let someone else have your seat. You can’t reserve a place for four hours.

The shoeless studier

For the love of God, please put your sweaty feet back into those Fila Disruptors, so I don’t have to smell them.


There’s always that one hottie who seems to study in your vicinity during exam season, someone you can’t help but sneak a peek at during those long boring nights in the library.

The stresshead

If it’s not a member of your party, they can be heard huffing and puffing or seen burying their head in their hands or even crying. If it’s a member of your squad, they’ll be the one asking you for answers, and loudly exclaiming every five minutes that they’re going to fail. Watch as they emerge as the only person on the module with a first. You hate them.

The fidgeter

Can you sit still??? You know the ones. People who get up to go to the loo or refill their water bottle every three seconds. You’ll finally be in the zone and then NOPE, the door will swing shut and out the fidgeter goes AGAIN. There’s literally nothing more distracting.

The worker

There’s one thing that I hate the most… those people who you see when you come in and stay long after you’ve left. They never look frazzled or tired either, always put together and highlighting things with a brand new pink pen. You look over to them every now and then, and they’re NEVER on their phone. Glued to their work, apparently never going to the toilet or taking a break, they make you INCREDIBLY nervous.

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