How to get ahead of your reading

Sometimes, when you have so many different things to revise for it can become easy to let your lecture reading slip. Especially if it’s a book you hate. But let’s be honest, when we tell ourselves “I’ll catch up with it next week” how often does that really happen? Keeping up with your reading can stop you from continuously falling behind on your course and these tips should help you to do it.

Don’t avoid it

Reading often can easily be avoided because it doesn’t have a menacing deadline like an exam or coursework, but this doesn’t mean you should just procrastinate and forget about it altogether. Make you’re reading an essential part of your uni work every day.

Get planning

If you haven’t already done this for the rest of your deadlines and revision, then you probably should, but it’s also useful to plan ahead for your reading. Being able to see a clear plan of when you need to get things read by will really help you to keep on track.

Don’t over face yourself

Setting yourself the challenge of reading four different novels or papers in five days may be a bit of an overstretch (unless they’re only 100 pages long). There is no point in setting goals that you will inevitably fail. Set yourself the minimum you need to do in order to complete the reading in time. This way, as long as you stick to it, you’ll achieve your goal and anything extra will be a nice bonus.

Break it up

It’s equally important to break your reading up. Continuously reading for hours on end can get incredibly dull (unless you’re into that) and you will also stop taking important information in. Ensure that when you plan your lecture reading, you give yourself breaks. You can also fit your reading around your day by simply splitting it into a few 15 or 30-minute sessions every couple of hours.

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