The top 5 WORST things guys do on Tinder

Tinder can be an interesting place sometimes – as in it can be interesting to see how all the types guys on Tinder are, and what they do…here are the top 5 WORST things guys do on Tinder:

Having multiple pictures with multiple people in them

Do you really think I have time to work out who you are? One or two pics to establish you have mates: fine – good, even. Five group pics, three of which are in fancy dress: not fine. Who are you??? You could honestly objectively be a solid 10/10 and I will STILL swipe left if after three pics it’s become clear that I’m playing a guessing game to work out which one you are. Just one clear shot of your face is all I ask for, I beg.

Saying ‘swipe left if you…’

Honey, do you really think you’re in any position to pick and choose which girls you get? Also, it’s 2019 – are we really still being so narrow-minded as to filter people out of our lives who don’t think exactly the same way as us, or who don’t like the exact same things as us? No thanks.

👀 is not a valid first message

What does it even mean?

Basically saying anything rude/objectifying/sexist/racist

Any opener that has to do with my body or my skin colour is kind of a no from me. Bear this in mind, especially if you have a well-developed profile – if you’ve got your Instagram on there, your Spotify connected, and an interesting bio, and STILL all they can think to say is ‘nice tits’, then that’s a huge red flag.

Saying ‘hi’

On the opposite end of the spectrum, saying ‘hi’ is kind of… meh. While I’ll take a ‘hi’ over sexism any day, it kind of makes me feel like the guy doesn’t actually give a shit? I’m aware that this is Tinder and I’m being judged off three photos and a one-sentence bio, but I still expect a little more than ‘hi’.

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