5 ways to naturally become more confident

Struggle with social anxiety? Introverted? Just plain shy? I feel ya. But if you’d like to change, even in a small way, it’s possible. Read on…

1. Go places on your own

A great way of building confidence is going somewhere on your own. Depending on how anxious you get, you can go wherever you feel comfortable and work from there. Some people might want to start by going food shopping alone, or for those who are braver, maybe going to a café or restaurant alone is an idea. Whether it’s the gym, the library, the cinema… learn to be happy with your own company!

2. Talk to a stranger

In the least creepy way possible. But do you ever find yourself in a situation where it seems natural or right to talk to a stranger, but you’ve always held back? The next time a moment like that arises, try to fill the silence. You don’t have to if it doesn’t seem the right thing to do, but there are loads of situations where you can test yourself by speaking up. Maybe you can thank someone who holds a door open for you, or you can offer your place in a supermarket queue to someone with fewer items than you. Maybe a bartender has a cool piercing you want to compliment. And drunk girls in club toilets will always be up for a chat. If people are rude to you once you reach out to them, then it’s their problem, not yours.

3. Tell yourself positive affirmations

Whether you do this before you go to bed, in the morning in the mirror, or throughout the day, it’s vital to keep thinking positively. Tell yourself that you ARE confident, that you ARE intelligent, that you ARE amazing. Even if you don’t believe it, keep telling yourself that you’re great until you do believe it. Because everyone is incredible in their own way, and chances are, everyone can see that in you apart from, well, you.

4. Cut negative people out of your life

Got a mate who gives unwarranted comments about your work, clothes, hair, makeup, food, etc.? A friend who feels they can slag you off to your face, but get away with calling it ‘constructive criticism’? Someone who basically makes you feel shit? Or even people who are part of your life, who bully you, you don’t need them. Cut them out sooner rather than later and you’ll be liberated. You don’t want anyone stifling your positivity.

5. Think good thoughts

Ever imagine everything that could possibly go wrong? It’s time to put an end to that – start imagining everything that could possibly go RIGHT! Think about your wildest hopes and visualise them becoming real. Speak and act your dreams into existence. People who realise their dream and enjoy the life they are living are generally more confident! I used to struggle hugely with wondering ‘what if…’ about every little thing – but turn it around and start wondering ‘what if I succeed’?

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