The best ways to celebrate finishing exams if you don’t drink

Dry January? Religious? Hate alcohol? Whatever your reason for abstaining – there are loads of ways to celebrate the end of exams without going out and getting plastered: read on to find the best ways to celebrate finishing exams if you don’t drink:

Do something nice for yourself

Okay, this sounds vague af, but hear me out. Wanted to dye your hair for a while? Or do your nails? Or get your eyebrows threaded? Now’s the time to go out there and treat yourself! You deserve a little relaxation time now that the stress of exams is over, so don’t hold back.

Buy yourself a present!

Kind of a similar idea, but going shopping can be a great way to celebrate, and it’s one of my favourite things to do. Maybe you’ve wanted a certain coat for ages, or maybe you just want to buy yourself some nice earrings for the sake of it. You also have the option of going into town and making a day of it, or doing it from the comfort of your own bed and shopping online. Whatever it is, however you shop, go for it, because you deserve it!

Get a takeaway

A classic, but who wouldn’t want to celebrate with pizza and a movie? You can get your housemates involved too if they’re finished or if they’re fancying a mid-exam treat. A takeaway means you can eat in the comfort of your own home in your pyjamas and be in bed by 9 – which, tbh, after 7am starts to get a library seat sounds like a DREAM.

Go out for a meal

Alternatively, you could go out for a meal, if you’re feeling a bit more ‘bougie’. Going out will probably be more expensive than a takeaway, but you’ll get more choice, and it might be nice to celebrate by doing something a little special. Plus, who can really say no to food?

Have a day out

Depending on where you’re at uni, a day out might be a great way of celebrating the end of your days in the library. Do some research and see if there are any cute towns worth visiting nearby, or any interesting attractions local to you. This could be anything from a National Trust house, a nature trail, a big park, the seaside… wherever you choose, you’re sure to make loads of great memories.

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