Why day festivals > weekend festivals

Festival season may feel like years away, but many tickets have already been released or else are soon to come out. Short on cash but want to join in the fun? Hate camping? Don’t want to trek halfway across the country? Read on to find out why day festivals are so much better than weekenders.

Money money money

The biggest reason day festivals are better than weekend ones? They’re SO much cheaper. A day ticket for a weekender or a ticket for a day festival will likely be well under £100, but a ticket for an entire weekend is likely to be well over £100 and potentially even £200. Then you’ve got to consider the cost of food and drink for a whole weekend, camping gear, travel costs, etc., etc…

Camping is gross

Does anyone actually like camping? It’s cold, it’s muddy, it’s always raining, you never manage to put the tent up properly, someone always gets robbed, you never feel well-rested, and you spend the weekend in some sort of exhausting haze which infiltrates your actual enjoyment of the event. Plus, when you inevitably pull out of desperation on the last night of the festival, you smell AWFUL. Camping plus seshing basically isn’t the one. Day festivals will allow you to nip back home to a warm bed and hot bath at the end of an exhausting day, and I don’t know why anyone would want to do otherwise, tbh.

Your phone (probably) won’t die

Picture this. You’ve gone to a weekend festival. It’s Sunday and it’s time to go home. You’ve run out of power on your powerbank and have already spent £20 charging it at one of the charging points, and yet you’re somehow on 1% again even though you’ve been on airplane mode the whole time. You’re trying to call a taxi to get you home from the station when your phone dies, so you’re left alone, caked in mud, on the verge of tears at some random provincial train station. Sounds unappealing? Go to a day festival and this won’t be an issue.

You don’t really miss out on any of the fun

You still get cute pics (and you actually get to keep them because you don’t lose your phone/get it stolen/break it/drop it in a mosh pit), you still get to see artists you like, and you still get to get smashed. Really, all you’re missing out on is the camping, and as established – who’d want to do that?

Keen on a day festi but not sure where to go?

Here’s a list of places for Northerners, Midlanders, and Southerners alike:

The Garden Party Part 1, May 5, Leeds

El Dorado, 5-8 July, Herefordshire (day tickets to be released shortly)

Gala, May 26, London

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