How to be single on Valentines Day

Many people will spend Valentine’s Day loved up with their SO, while many of us (myself included) will spend the day lamenting our single status, eating our body weight in cheap chocolate (definitely not like any ordinary day) and wondering just when our prince/princess/stablehand, at this rate, will come.

No more!

This Valentine’s Day I say, enjoy being single. How? Let me show you how.

Treat yourself

As nice as it would be for someone to spoil you on Valentine’s Day, spoil yourself. I’m not talking about a huge shopping spree, just pick yourself something up this Valentine’s. Just because people say Valentine’s Day is about being treated and spoiled, doesn’t mean you can’t because you don’t have an “other half” to do it.


The good thing about being single on Valentine’s Day is the fact that you don’t have to spend time prepping for a fancy AF date night, fretting to the group chat. There’s zero stress. So, have a bath, get out the expensive scented candles you said you’d “never use” from Christmas, do whatever to relax.

Look around

Even though you’re single on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t be looking for someone once it’s over. So, trawl Tinder, Insta-stalk your crush (just not in a Netflix “You” kind of way), see what’s out there. You never know, you could be walking into next Valentine’s with a possible date.

Do something “romantic”

So it’s the most loved-up day of the year, but who said you have to do things as a couple? Watch that shitty rom-com with your mates, cook yourself a fancy meal, just don’t do the rose petals in the bath – that’s just messy.

However you spend it, don’t spend Valentine’s Day sobbing over singledom, drunk texting your ex or on a spur of the moment date which has you crawling out a bathroom window to safety. Enjoy being single and, most importantly, remember that Valentine’s Day is just one day out of 365, so all the fuss will be over in 24 hours.

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