Should they ban phones in schools?

Ever since smartphones made it big, they have been a controversial subject when it comes to their use in school. On the one hand, they can be a massive source for distraction and procrastination, something that students already often struggle with. On the other hand, they could be an incredibly useful tool to be utilised rather than banned.

Yes, they should be banned

There is no doubt that phones are one of the biggest distractions in the classroom nowadays. I remember often checking my phone throughout lessons and then looking up to find I had fallen behind a few steps. If they were banned from schools, it could be argued that lessons would run more smoothly, and students would remain more focused on tasks. Furthermore, it would mean that students would spend more time interacting with each other physically at break and lunchtime rather than sat there scrolling through social media.

No, they shouldn’t be banned

Alternatively, they could be utilised by teachers. There are now so many different apps that are useful for revision, and because they can be accessed through an app, it appeals to students. I think if teachers can find a way to engage with students that means they are learning but still enjoying themselves, then I can’t see why they wouldn’t.

If phones are banned entirely from schools, then students could find themselves lost in emergency situations. Whether they have forgotten something vital, or if the buses aren’t showing up and they need to get back home, having their phone enables students to contact their parents or guardians when they need them. I know that personally, I would never leave the house without my phone.

However, if phones aren’t entirely banned from the school grounds, students will always find a way to use them still. So, wouldn’t it just be easier to use them productively instead?

What do you think, should phones be banned in schools?

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