5 ways to kickstart a great day

In keeping with the belated ‘new year, new me’ theme, how about waking up a little earlier for a change? Even if you’ve made sure ALL your seminars are in the afternoon, it doesn’t hurt to turn back the alarm a half-hour or two before your actual wake up time. Waking up early has loads of health benefits, including you having more energy throughout the day. But what do you do with all that extra time in the mornings?

1. Exercise

You may not be super revved up first thing in the morning, or even have space to do your lunges and jump squats. But even just getting up and doing some light stretching loosens your sleepy muscles and gets your blood pumping. If you have space, buy a yoga mat and roll it out in the mornings for some sit-ups. If you’re feeling brave, why not put on a HIIT workout on YouTube and break a sweat – you’ll have done one productive thing to kickstart a great day.

2. Meditate/Pray

Depending on what floats your boat. Finding your centre, listening to your body and mind and simply conjuring inner peace proves to be a great start to the day. Just don’t do it while you’re still bundled up in your duvet, or you’ll probably fall back to sleep.

3. Read and Write

A great way to release what’s on your mind is to write ‘morning pages’ – try to hit a target of filling 3 pages every morning, as suggested by lifestyle YouTuber Lavendaire, and see how long you can keep up your streak. And if you can’t think of anything – write about that! Getting into the regular habit of it, even if you don’t see the fruits initially, will start to reveal stress-relieving benefits overtime.

And if you have a million and two books you’ve been meaning to read, now’s a good time to catch up on those as well.

4. Get creative

Whatever you’re interested in – journaling, scrapbooking, drawing, painting, or even breakfast-making; set aside time to just let loose your thoughts and worries in a wondrously childlike manner.

5. Do your chores

You know – the dishes in the sink, laundry on the floor and crumbs in the corner. All that stuff (depending on how thin your walls are – don’t vacuum at 7 am), can be done early in the morning to ensure you enjoy that feeling of coming home to a fresh, clean room.

Do you have any other tips on what to include in a morning routine?

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