Final year University bucket list: 12 things to do before you leave

You’ve made it! Pat yourself on the back, you’ve survived the tumultuous time of being a university student and you have a whole new life to look forward to after your studies. But before you become a fully-fledged graduate make sure to check a few things off your “graduate bucket list”. Check out our 12 things to do before you leave university list:

1. Go out clubbing before a 9 am…

…and actually attend the 9 am it in the morning. Seriously, it’ll take a lotta coffee/paracetamol/praying, but it’s just teaching you how to handle adult life (aka, getting drunk and still adulting the next day).

2. Join a new society

Think it’s too late? No way! More like, these are your last few months here, so why not? Fully immerse yourself in a new society.

3. Be part of a sports/society Exec committee

It’s fun, rewarding, and looks brilliant on your CV.

4. Be a tourist in your own uni city

Don’t just go to your same regular student haunts every weekend. Check out the little pubs, cafes, and anywhere you haven’t been before.

5. Pull an all-nighter

If you haven’t done this already, I’m impressed. You’ll regret it the next day, but it feels strangely liberating at the time…

6. Be part of a student protest

Definitely, something to do before you leave Uni. Be a part of your first protest and make sure it’s for something you really care about. The atmosphere is infectious and it feels good to stand up for something you believe in.

 7. Actually put your hand up in a lecture

To be honest, maybe this is the most daring thing on the whole list.

8. Go to a sports club social

Even if you aren’t part of a sports team, ask a friend if you can tag along as a plus one. A sports social is something you’ve got to experience before you leave Uni, and they aren’t as scary as you might think.

9. Have a house dinner/BBQ/family night

Whether you tackle a group roast dinner or have a garden BBQ, this is one you don’t want to miss out on. Awhh.

10. Invent your own cocktail

And no, ‘sqodka’ doesn’t count – invent your own cocktail and dish it up at your own…

11. …House party!

You’ve got to hold at least one student house party before you leave. Be prepared to have sticky floors for three weeks after and break half the stuff in your house, though.

12. Graduate and actually attend your graduation ceremony

Damn, I really hope you make it to this one.

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