What is a degree apprenticeship?

You’ve heard of a degree, and you’ve heard of an apprenticeship, but degree apprenticeships are something a lot of people are confused about – what are they?

Degree apprenticeships are relatively new schemes that were only introduced in universities in September 2015. They work with employers, universities, and professional bodies as a partnership that allows students to achieve a full master’s or bachelor’s degree as part of their apprenticeship.

They are set out differently to normal degrees in that students combine studying part-time with their work. This may be that they spend one or two days a week at university/college or a few solid months at the beginning of each year; it really depends on the programme and the employer.

It’s a great way to get a degree without paying tuition fees and enables you to gain experience in your chosen field. Apprentices are also employed, so they’re paid a wage throughout the course of their training, the duration of which would vary. It may be that you would be on a very minimal salary until after you have completed your qualifications, which can take up to six years. However, once you have completed your training, you will have a degree and valuable experience in the industry. Retention rates are also high, so you may be employed by the same company for a higher-level job once you have your degree and relevant experience.

As they are a relatively new and upcoming scheme, more subject areas are being explored with the majority at the moment based around engineering and more vocational subjects. However, they are expanding, with more courses and companies being introduced and getting involved.

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