How to destress after a tough day at uni

Sometimes when you have a challenging day, all you want to do when you open the door is fall straight onto your bed and go to sleep. But then, all you have is the terrible thoughts of the day swirling through your mind. Here are a few ways to help unwind, forget and move on…

Watch some really engaging TV

When watching trash TV, you can just mentally turn off and look at your phone, but this is pointless as you aren’t distracted and your mind can still be focused on your worries. Watch something that makes you think, like a good detective series or a game show. Get some new thoughts flowing through your system. Or, alternatively, watch some classic and/or nostalgic films.

Make yourself a REALLY nice dinner

I’m guilty of being lazy when cooking for myself: literally, most nights are either eggs on toast or pasta. It can be really therapeutic, however, to put some time into making something really yummy just for you. Make a big batch then save the leftovers for something to look forward to another day!

Listen to a podcast

I’ve only recently been getting into podcasts and am loving them. Whether it’s a factual one I can learn from or a funny one (like one of these) I can laugh along to, they are great at giving you something to listen to and think about. Maybe go for a walk and listen to one, get fresh air, exercise and knowledge all in one hit! I recommend “You are not so smart” for finding out random things about the world.

Chat to a friend

Whether it’s face to face or video chat or even just on the phone, get a rant out of your system and listen to someone else’s problems to help you put everything into perspective. #sharingiscaring

Imogen Byers

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