LGBTQ+ education is essential – here’s why

With almost half of LGBT pupils bullied in schools, we NEED LGBTQ+ classes. LGBTQ+ education is essential in order to combat discrimination. So why are hundreds of parents protesting?

Four schools in Birmingham have stopped offering LGBTQ+ classes to pupils after over 400 parents protested. This scheme, launched by the Leigh Trust, sought to teach students about the Equalities Act as part of the ‘no outsiders’ project.

The classes were all about tolerance and acceptance, but some protestors claimed they went against their “traditional values”.

Khakan Qureshi, a gay Muslim activist who runs Birmingham South Asian LGBT, spoke about the protests: “The attitudes of the protesters towards the no outsiders project is completely homophobic.”

Why are classes like this needed in the UK?

Studies from The School Report (2017) and the RaRe Research Report (2015) found that 45% of LGBTQ+ pupils are bullied for being LGBTQ+ in Britain’s schools; half of these LGBTQ+ pupils reported being at the brunt of homophobic slurs. It was also reported that just 1 in 5 LGBTQ+ pupils are taught about safe sex in relation to same-sex relationships, a figure too low to ignore.

As a nation, we have many existing laws to prevent discrimination. So how are we still living in a country that can halt classes about LGBTQ+ rights, history, and lives? If we leave this out of lessons about sexual education, we are completely failing to represent an entire group in our society, and failing to educate those both outside of and within that group.

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