5 tips for getting an internship at your uni

For all those students looking to get that extra edge whilst studying and to set yourself apart here are 5 tips for getting an internship at uni:

1. Apply for anything that seems useful and/or interesting

All experience counts; even if it’s not directly related to what you want to do, skills like partnership management, crisis control and working with data are all useful and transferable skills.

2. Make sure your CV is impenetrable

Go through every line and make sure you’ve tailored it to the job. Don’t forget to add all the skills you learned in your CV.

3. Butter them up

Talk about wanting to contribute to the prestigious reputation of the university and wanting to give something back. This always works a treat.

4. Really research the role

In the interview, knowing things like this will make yourself sound passionate even if you’re not. Employers always look for enthusiasm and prior knowledge when looking for candidates for an internship.

5. It looks good if you do some volunteering or work with societies

If you’re not already doing that, get involved, so you’ve got something to fall back on for experience. Volunteering is a perfect way to beef up your experience in helping get an internship at uni.

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