Okay, in defence of Game of Thrones…

Does anyone think GoT season 8 was good? Even I don’t. But do I think it was as terrible as everyone’s making it out to be? Not really.

People’s main complaints, in fairness, are about sloppy writing and apparent abandonment of character development. There were so many unanswered questions. Who was Azor Ahai? Why was Jon sent to the Night’s Watch if The Night King is gone? What even was the point of The Night King plot in the end? What happened to Dany’s character??? All of these are valid complaints and have been the subject of many memes.

However, was the pressure on the GoT writers basically insurmountable? Yes. Were huge swathes of people going to be disappointed no matter the outcome? Definitely. I’ve seen vast numbers of people insist that Jon should have been the one to sit on the Iron Throne, but I guarantee you, had Jon become King of the Seven Kingdoms, D&D would have been blasted for choosing an obvious ending. No matter what they had written, there was no way they could fit everyone’s ideas and theories.

There is still cause to complain with regard to GoT’s final season, doubtless. But should people try to understand that the Thrones series finale was never going to be perfect and just try to accept what we have? Absolutely. And, tbh, Ghost got his pets in the end, so who really cares?

Serena Smith

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