Unpopular opinion: We’re too old for Disney

Excuse me for feeling that I am in no mood to watch movies about princesses and Prince Charmings while I sort out how I’m being over-taxed for my part-time work and sniffing through the hangover that stings after last night’s pub crawl. Disney movies seem so far away from my real life that just watching them makes me feel like they are spiffing lies and false hope. Some of you may disagree with this statement but perhaps we are too old for Disney…

The first thing that I have a problem with is the ‘happy ever after’ falseness. There is no such thing as a happy ever after. Life goes on, and what may have seemed like the perfect ending to a story is only the beginning to another challenge in your life. Sorry to break the bad news, but Disney only creates false expectations that, now we are old enough to have the struggles of bills, heartbreak and deadlines, can make our lives seem unbearable in comparison.

Number two: what jobs do these princesses have? Oh sorry, they are just waiting for their Prince Charming to come and save them. Nope. Not for me. The idea is sweet, but realistically never happens in real life. Where is the idea of equality? I want to see Cinderella running a business or Prince Charming being a house-husband. Relationships aren’t so black and white, and we need more variation, different family dynamics and a more realistic portrayal of what ‘adult’ life is like. Relationships take commitment and work, and this isn’t really portrayed in Disney, I find.

Don’t get me wrong, Disney has it’s time and place, and maybe that time and place is for youngsters needing some happy-clappy brightly animated TV to keep them entertained, not for young adults to kid them that life is like that. Then again is it really necessary for Disney to re-create their old 2D animation classics into weirder live-action or hyper-realistic (Lion King) adaptations?

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