Black Mirror is the best show on TV

Black Mirror is the best show on TV

With season 5 of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror around the corner, a plethora of people are cropping up asking what all the fuss is about. Believe the hype, friends. It is, definitively, the best show on earth. Why? Because it’s a warning of what might happen if we stay glued to our phones and laptops.

The show’s title itself is a reference to the black screen on a switched-off device that reflects your face, like a black mirror. Think of that slightly horrifying feeling you get after seeing your tired reflection in your laptop/TV/tablet, post-Netflix binge.

Black Mirror, however, is not something that can simply be mindlessly ‘binged.’ Each satirical episode really makes you think, and it’s exhausting, so it’s best to watch them one at a time. The much-talked-about ‘Bandersnatch’ episode was actually interactive; the entire episode was based on a choose-your-own-adventure format, and there were multiple endings. It was amazing to feel like I was controlling what I was watching, rather than passively observing.

But there are also scarily relatable episodes. ‘Nosedive,’ my favourite episode, is an equally funny and unsettling satire on the modern culture of social media. And for anyone who’s a Tinder or Bumble addict, ‘Hang the DJ’ displays the algorithmic nature of dating apps and how they affect our love lives.

And although Black Mirror explores the theme of techno-paranoia, each episode is entirely different. So if you decided the show wasn’t for you after watching one episode, you probably need to keep watching.

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