Go from a sad bitch to a bad bitch with these 10 songs

Disclaimer: it’s okay to be sad sometimes. But when you’re ready to pick yourself up, do it with these songs. Now, throw up a peace sign in the mirror, stick your hoops in and remember who you are!

  1. Good as Hell by Lizzo
    This song immediately screams feel-good.
  2. Dog Days are Over by Florence + the Machine
    When you’re ready for better things to come your way, listen to this song.
  3. Sorry not Sorry by Demi Lovato
    When you’re feeling guilty over a break-up, this is the song to turn to…
  4. Feeling Good by Nina Simone
    Listen to this song when you want to appreciate all the little things in life.
  5. Don’t Kill My Vibe by Sigrid
    For when you just want to feel like a badass and be left alone.
  6. Thank u, next by Ariana Grande
    For when you need to be reminded that your past experiences are all life-lessons, and you’re better off for them!
  7. Tears Dry on their Own by Amy Winehouse
    To remind yourself that at the end of the day, you always have your own back.
  8. Get Up 10 by Cardi B
    When you need to pick yourself up after a setback, listen to this (on repeat).
  9. Strip by Little Mix
    When you need a body-confidence pick-me-up.
  10. Man! I Feel Like a Woman! By Shania Twain
    Do I even need to explain this? Everyone feels something awaken in them when this song comes on…

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