All the struggles of trying to find a summer job

We all know the struggle of studying for exams, barely being able to get a decent night’s sleep and all of a sudden, it’s verging on the summer break, and your parents are complaining that you’re going to have a few months off. It’s difficult to start planning for holidays with friends as a reward for the year’s hard work when you daren’t check your bank account. We know all the struggles of trying to find a summer job:

One of the worst issues is the disappointed gazes of your parents while they think you’re lazing about the house, even when you’ve been applying to all the local job advertisements.

Another is when even a simple barista job requires ten years experience and a previous management position at a Nero. It takes longer to try and find a job to apply for than you would spend actually doing the job itself. Not to mention that summer jobs, of course, mostly involve summer sales and having to deal with horrible managers.

Of course, let’s not forget that even if you manage to get a summer job, the hours are terrible, and they refuse to let you have the one week off you want for your holiday with friends. By the time summer is over, your bank account is looking worse than ever, and you’ve spent a couple of months slaving away at a terrible job under the tyranny of a miserable forty-year-old.

When you do land a job, be prepared to allocate pretty much all of your summer and commit to something full-time. Don’t do it half-arsed.

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