We’re definitely not too old for Disney!

No matter when you were born, one thing is for certain: Disney was around. For many people, it was a huge part of their childhood. Therefore, it’s not surprising that we feel a tremendous sense of nostalgia when the iconic idols of our youth are suddenly brought back to the big screen in live-action remakes. Maybe we’re all just nostalgia junkies…

Perhaps for us students, it’s a nice reminder of a time in our childhoods before all the dreaded deadlines began, to when our only time restraint was our bedtime. Also, watching Disney movies as an adult opens our eyes to a whole other side of the adult humour that runs throughout. Buzz Lightyear’s wing pop when he sees Jessie in Toy Story 2, or the flea in A Bug’s Life who asks another if they want to pollinate, are just a few of a vast number of adult jokes that are hidden throughout their films that we were oblivious to as kids.

When all’s said and done, Disney was made for entertainment, and that is precisely what it does. Sometimes all you need is a simple Disney movie to lift your spirits and help you get over that 42 you got on your last exam. Especially since Black Mirror won’t do this trick.

While the moral of the Disney tales may have changed and adapted over time to be more fitting for their contemporary audiences, there is no doubt Disney is here to stay, and I am ready to re-embrace it. See you at the next screening of Aladdin.

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