5 things we wish guys knew about periods

Guys, repeat after me: periods are normal.

The stigma around periods is so real. I remember the boys being separated from us girls when we were taught about puberty in primary school, like what happens to our bodies is some MI5-level secret that would be a crime to reveal to members of the opposite sex.

And what’s the result of that? Menstruation has become a taboo topic that guys feel squirmish around, and girls feel too shy to talk about.

Amika George has recently said that part of the stigma surrounding periods is due to a lack of education in boys from a young age, and I couldn’t agree more. Here are five things I wish guys knew about periods.

1) If we’re pissed off, it’s not always because of PMS

Sure, in the time surrounding our periods our hormones are all over the place, meaning we can be slightly more sensitive, but don’t take it as a free pass for excusing shitty behaviour. We can still have a legit reason to be upset about something, so think twice before you make the classic “it must be that time of the month” comment.

2) Yes, it fucking hurts for some of us

The level of discomfort is less for some than it is for others. But for a lot of us, it’s a bit like Thor’s hammer constantly beating our insides. ALL. DAY. LONG.

3) It’s cliché, but we are grateful when you show us a bit more compassion

I apologise on behalf of us women who might get a bit snappy with you over the small things. We really do appreciate it when you’re patient with us. And when you buy us chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

4) Period blood isn’t really blood

It’s our uterus lining. Every month, our uterus wall is lined to prepare for a fertilised egg. But, if we’re not pregnant, we shed the uterus lining, ready for the next cycle. For some women, their blood flow is light, and for others, it can be extremely heavy, which is why you’ll find so many different types of pads and tampons in the shop.

5) Sometimes periods aren’t on time so things can get unexpectedly messy

We can’t always be 100% prepared for our periods, and so we might wake up to find that we’ve leaked in bed. Guys, if that happens, just be cool about it. It isn’t something that can be controlled, so don’t make a girl feel more embarrassed than she already probably does.

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