A definitive ranking of the best bottoms to wear to the library

Everyone wears a cosy jumper to the library, duh. But what bottoms ought to reign supreme when it comes to library fashion? Check out our A definitive ranking of the best bottoms to wear to the library during exam season.

Wtf are you doing? tier: Mom jeans

Can you even sit down in mom jeans? Please reassess your life choices immediately.

Shit tier: Skinny jeans

Almost as bad as mom jeans but not quite. Are you okay??? How can you feel comfortable sitting at a desk for seven hours in denim? This is very likely to cause major discomfort over time and you’ll be ruing the day you put a pair of drainpipes on.

Average tier: Leggings

Bonus points if they’re specifically gym leggings. You have the motivation to left off some steam in the gym during this gruelling time to keep your wits about you and more importantly your sanity. You’ve managed to look efficient and put-together while simultaneously maintaining comfort.

Good tier: Flares

All the comfort of leggings but with fashionable flair (haha). Staying fashionable during the exam season has its pros and cons. Guess it depends if there’s anyone there that you are looking to impress.

Elite tier: Culottes

So roomy, so airy, so comfortable. Ahhh. Arguably the best bottoms to wear to the library


A bold move, but a vital one. Pyjama-bottoms-wearers, I salute you. Bonus points for anyone in a dressing gown too.

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