How to prepare for Love Island 2019

It only feels like yesterday that the all too familiar shriek of ‘I’ve got a text!’ sounded on TVs across the UK and, rejoice or groan, we’ll soon be hearing that all again. On June 3rd, Love Island returns and here are some ways to prepare yourself:

Cancel all plans past 9 pm

Cocktails with the girls? A few pints with the lads? Not while Love Islands on. The only plan you need to make in the lead up to (and during) Love Island is to cancel your plans, get yourself comfortable and prepare for the drama to unfold.

Get the fake tan on

The first thing you’ll realise when you’re watching is just how pale you are. So, invest in some (gradual) tan and get yourself the summer glow – without forking out the money to go on holiday (think more bronze babe, less Dr Alex last season).

Start stalking

The best way to prepare yourself is getting to know the (rumoured) contestants before the awkward VT in front of the camera has you cringing. So get yourself clued up with the rumoured line up and start stalking their social media (just don’t slide into their DMs).

Online shop

You know how it is. You’ll spend eight weeks swooning and sighing over the contestant’s FREE clothes and wishing you could get your hands on them. So, before outfit envy truly sets in, do some online shopping and bag yourself some enviable outfits (maybe not a bikini, in this weather).

Get the group chat involved

Now uni’s over for the year, and you’re not going to see each other for the foreseeable future, your only communication is through the group chat, so use it to your advantage. Soon you’ll be talking about who you’d couple up with, who you’d mug off and who you want to see leave.

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