The pains of organising a group holiday

No one really wants to be the organiser of a group holiday. It may seem like a good idea at the time because you feel you get to be in control of the itinerary but remember everyone’s got their own agenda on travels and you’ll never be able to align it. The pains of organising a group holiday is real.

The first struggle of organising a group holiday is creating the group chat, but everyone is so quick to send memes and complaints that you can’t even attempt to make a plan. No one can ever agree on where you want to go and with constant messages demanding to travel to Vienna, Berlin and all the little notorious islands off of Spain, even when you attempt to send a constructive message, it’s swept away by the tide of GIFS.

Trying to sort out accommodation, flights and the itinerary of the trip itself takes so much effort that by the end of it you’d rather have pretended that this had never happened. Some may want to take the cheapest possible route and others want to splash the cash.

No one can ever agree how much money to spend or what to spend it on. Half of the group demand to spend days sleeping and the nights drinking raucously until six in the morning, and the other half tries to persuade the rest to attend cultural attractions. In the end, there is so much fighting that for a good week, the entire thing is cancelled altogether.

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