Five ways to take care of your mental health this summer

Everyone’s summer is different. We all start it at different points, we all end it at different points and we all endure some insane weather forecasts. But one thing is for sure you don’t wanna feel glum when the sun is shining. Here are five ways to take care of your mental health this summer:

1. Set yourself a summer goal

Sometimes, summer can feel a little aimless. It starts off fun, but it can end up that you find yourself feeling bored and ambitionless. For some reason, we use January and the dreary months of winter as our goal-setting months. But summer is the perfect time to set a new goal! Get a job!

People often feel brighter and cheerier in the summer, and fitness goals are easier to reach too, with more daylight hours and less rainy weather.

2. Don’t compare your summer to everyone else’s

Instagram. Is. Not. Real. Life. There’s NOTHING wrong with posting your smiley snapshots on Insta – we all do it. But just make sure you aren’t comparing your summer to theirs. It’s just a highlight reel, remember that. Besides having your bday in the summer months ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

3. Get outside

And not just for day drinking (although let’s be honest, there will be some of that). Get outside on plenty of summer walks, too. Attend a music festival.

4. Keep your expectations realistic

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of saying “THIS WILL BE THE BEST SUMMER EVER!” but this can leave you feeling worse when you have a bad day. Progress isn’t linear – you’ve got this.

5. Re-connect with loved ones.

Spend time with the friends and family that make you feel GOOD, and not just temporarily, but ones that are actually good for your mental health. And when looking at a new summer love interest always remember: “Yeah, you might be cute, but are you good for my mental health?”.

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