Love Island is still doing nothing for body positivity

It’s returning to our screens tonight, and Love Island 2019 is already causing controversy.

At one point, Love Island bosses promised to represent men and women of various shapes and sizes, after receiving backlash from the press and fans last year. Yet, when they released the promotional videos and pictures of some of this year’s islanders last week, this representation was nowhere to be seen. In response to this, bosses suggested that they left plus-sized people out of their line up as other contestants ‘wouldn’t find them attractive’.

Initially, rumours surfaced that plus-size model Jada Sezer would be joining the cast this year, which had plenty of fans (myself included) hoping that Love Island had finally lived up to their promise. But the line-up released last week featured a bevvy of toned, tanned beauties… with Jada absent.

They attempted to justify their lack of representation through their inclusion of Anna Vakili, a 28-year-old pharmacist (who just so happens to be Insta famous, too). Britain’s answer to Kim Kardashian suggested that she is ‘a bit curvier than some of the girls that have been on before’.

Considering the average dress size for British women is a size 16, I hoped there would be someone who would represent this kind of woman.

It seems if the first batch of contestants is anything to go by, men and women only come in the toned, gym-honed variety. Hopefully, as the show goes on, it will become more representative of all bodies, stop making people without this kind of body feel so alien, and feature people who encourage us to love our bodies, whatever shape or size.

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