How to stay safe at festivals

Festivals are a great way to see good music, have a laugh with your mates and get involved with hippy facepaint and fancy dress. But mix large crowds of people, potential drugs and alcohol, and things can get pretty scary. Don’t let this put you off though: here are a few tips to help make your festival experience as stress and danger-free as possible.

● Make sure you go with a good group of friends.

It sounds obvious, but make sure you go with people you can trust. You want to have someone who will go with you to the toilet even if it means leaving your prime spot in the crowd. You want someone who will let you sleep in their tent if yours ends up getting trashed or soaked in puddles of rain. Get a good gang together and be there for one another.

● As soon as you arrive on-site, set a meeting place for your group to gather if people go missing.

Phone signal at festivals usually is shocking, so having a set place in mind means that even if you get lost, you will be able to catch up with people once they realise you’re missing!

● Be practical: don’t take lots of expensive and valuable things with you.

Pack light so you don’t have to carry a heavy bag everywhere, and you have a lower chance of anything special getting nicked.

● Drink water and eat.

It sounds like boring, mum advice but keeping hydrated and energised is important. Alcohol actually is really dehydrating, so balance it out with water and food.

Those are just a few snippets of advice, but being mindful of what’s going on around you can be vital for a safe (but fun) festival experience. Taking drugs at a festival? Stay even safer by reading our article How to take drugs as ‘safely’ as possible.

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