Everything you’ll feel if you finish exams last

Don’t tell me you’re the unfortunate soul who’s left finishing their exams last on the final day of exam season? I feel ya.

1. You can’t join in on everyone else’s celebrations

You can’t go out, and you can’t go to town, you can barely go for one at the pub without being racked with guilt. It sucks to see all your housemates go out without you, but what are you meant to do? Stop them from celebrating? This is bound to drive you crazy unless you don’t really drink.

2. You get so lonely in the library

Going in with one or two friends can make library sessions all the more bearable. Maybe you have a little routine set up, and you all wake up, head in, and have lunch at the same time. But as your mates start finishing, there comes a day when you inevitably have to brave it and head in on your own. AND IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME!!!

Finishing exams last means you’re probably one of the only group of people still in the library, it may start to feel cold and empty…you’ll even be wishing the oddballs at the library returned.

3. You feel like the biggest killjoy

For the second time in a week, one of your housemates will ask to use the living room for prees, and you’ll just have to say no because you have an exam the next day. Normally you’re the most chilled out person ever, but exams have turned you into a killjoy reminiscent of Oliver Cromwell. You feel like if your exam doesn’t come around quick enough, you might feel like banning Christmas too.

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