I’m done with Love Island’s colourist bullshit

Love Island has had problems with race and colour since it started, even with contestants using colourist phrasing to describe their type. Every year I’ve hoped things will improve – but they just don’t. Apparently bunging in two or three women and men of colour is enough to meet some sort of diversity quota and that’s all that matters to ITV. It’s plain that beyond this, the producers don’t really give a damn about PoC representation in the media.

The show also doesn’t do anything for body positivity, either – it favours one type of person. Year after year, the women and men of colour are shunted to the bottom of the pile when it comes to coupling up, and predictably, the skinny blondes are the first to be snapped up. ‘But everyone’s allowed their own taste’, people always say, as if that makes it okay. Well, it doesn’t. Do you really think that in such a rigorous application process, the question, ‘What’s your type?’ never gets asked? Would it really be so hard to find men whose type is women of colour?

Sound fake and artificial? So is the whole damn show. I’m tired of thinking of young girls of colour watching the show and seeing women who look like them be cast as undesirable and second-choices. Representing women and men of colour as beautiful and deserving of love is more important to me than ‘authenticity’, whatever that means in such a staged show. So, ITV, do better. Don’t just chuck in PoC without finding adequate matches for them, please.

Image: ITV

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