Lucie is too pure for Love Island

We are a few weeks into this series of Love Island, and already past contestants, charities, celebrities and wannabe celebrities are on Twitter sharing their verdict on the show and its contestants.

Lucie and Joe seemed to be the bookie’s favourite of the original couples when the show started, but now the show has received hundreds of complaints regarding Joe’s behaviour towards Lucie and, honestly, I can see why.

It’s not just the vomit inducing couple name “Jucie” Joe has given them that puts me on edge. It’s the fact that Joe appears to be incredibly controlling over Lucie, insisting she befriends the other girls (despite the fact that these girls frequently talk behind her back) and his strong dislike of the friendship between her and Tommy. He might really like her, but the way he goes about showing his affection isn’t great.

It isn’t just her relationship with Joe that has made Lucie’s time in the villa so difficult; the other girls share a good bit of the blame as well. Last week, the girls gossiped about Lucie behind her back, berated her for spending time with Tommy AND Joe (or alone), and they seem to be gradually pushing her out of the circle rather than letting her in despite claiming to be encouraging.

This might be a trick on the producer’s part, as they live for the drama and bitchiness which comes hand in hand with the funny, sensitive bits, but I think they (and the Islanders) need to consider that how people are treated in and out of the villa can have more of an effect on the contestants than they think.

Image: ITV

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