Every moment that’ll make you cry if you’re leaving uni this year

Finishing uni and stepping into the real world, is an exciting and tearful time – here is every moment that’ll make you cry if you’re leaving uni this year. See which stage you’re at and how much crying you have to go!

When it first clocks that you’re actually leaving

It could dawn on you in the library, in the pub, in bed. But one day it’ll hit you, and you’ll think fuck… are the best years of my life really already over???

When you finish exams

You might cry if the exam is THAT bad, but, hopefully, your tears will be a mix of a release of nervous energy, relief, and a nostalgic kind of sadness at never ever having an exam at uni again. That is until you remember that exams are sent directly from Satan and you pull yourself together.

Grad ball

Alcohol plus emotions running high? It’s a recipe for disaster. Girls, don’t bother with makeup, because by 3 am you’ll be grabbing your housemates and bawling, professing your undying love for all of them.

When your first housemate leaves

This one is a real tear-jerker. Once one housemate from your digs leaves, it’s never quite the same. Saying goodbyes to all of your roomies will be hard, but the first goodbye is the hardest because it’s the realest.

When you leave

Naturally, when you leave the tears will be flowing. Expect some awkward looks on the Megabus as you bawl your eyes out while flicking through old uni photos on your phone to pass the time.


Just when you thought you were over everything – here comes your graduation ceremony to send you into emotional overdrive again.

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