Misconceptions about being bi that it’s time we set straight

1. Bisexual people are “greedy”

No, they don’t need to “pick a side” – this isn’t football. Enjoying a glass of wine doesn’t make you an alcoholic. Being bisexual doesn’t make you sexually greedy or promiscuous.

2. They are “on the path to becoming gay”

Sure, some people might discover that they identify as gay further down the road. However, bisexuality isn’t just the “road to Gay Town” as many people will openly joke… no. Just no.

3. Who they settle down with determines their sexuality

Bisexuals who marry same-sex partners can still identify as bisexual. Bisexuals who marry opposite-sex partners can still identify as bisexual. Do you fancy your boyfriend but also appreciate that Channing Tatum is hot af? Yeah.

4. They’re more likely to cheat

People’s misconceptions about being bi will often casually claim that you have to be careful when dating a bisexual partner as they’re more likely to have a “wandering eye”. Infidelity and sexual preference do 👏 not 👏 correlate 👏

5. Girls say they’re bi for male attention

Another thing that women are accused of doing just for the benefit of the male gaze. Shock horror: they really don’t give a fuck about that. Heterosexual men are sometimes insecure that women might choose women over them, and therefore need to fetishize it to make themselves feel more masculine.

6. Only girls are bi

We hear about many more women who are bisexual just because it is often far more accepted by society. Studies show half of bisexual men are scared to come out as bi. In the culture we live in, men are often not encouraged to explore their sexuality.

7. Bisexual people are confused

People who identify as bisexuals are often misconceived as just being “confused” about their sexuality, or just “bi-curious”. No, they don’t need to fit inside your neat little box.

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