Gap Year vs Gap Yaarrr

That time between school and university, the freedom, the lack of pressure, the sudden realisation you’re not quite sure what you did prior to the cramming sessions which became part of everyday (or night) life. It may only be a few months, but it feels endless (which is definitely a good thing).

For some of us, those 12 weeks end up stretching to 64 or more as we put off our studies for yet another year. And what happens during that year falls into two distinct and often misjudged categories:



The often misunderstood ‘gap year’ involves remaining in the underrated UK, working and watching Snapchat stories of your friends learning how to drink a bottle of pinot in one go successfully. Full-time jobs are the norm, earning enough money to possibly pay for a month’s rent in your future overpriced halls for next year. These guys won’t fail to remind you that they didn’t ‘laze around’ soaking up the rays but truly ‘found themselves’ while steaming milk for the coffees of inexplicably well-off pensioners.



The more commonly known, but often mixed up, ‘gap yaarr’ consists of adventures galore and an Instagram feed which can strike envy into the very being of anyone who views it. Possibly proceeded by a few months of soul-destroying long hours at work, the result is an individual who probably ‘found themselves’ on top of a mountain in south-east Asia, praying with monks. Look out for the characteristic elephant trousers, polaroid pictures and a good tan.

Easily differentiated, these two types of student don’t like being mistaken for each other, but now you know the difference, you can proceed with the confidence that you know the true difference between people who’ve been on a gap year or gap yaarr.

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