How to kick graduation guilt

It’s a weird time once all your exams and assignments are over. It can feel surreal that suddenly the educational part of your life is done and you have to grow up, get a job and begin the rest of your life. Terrifying much? Graduation guilt doesn’t have to be.

But do you really need to rush straight into employment? Doesn’t it sound so much nicer to take some time to yourself to really enjoy this period of your life? Savouring this last summer of freedom might be one of the best decisions you ever make, so don’t feel the pressure from people telling you that you have to find a job straight away. You’ve spent at least 3 years of your life working (hard?) at uni perhaps contemplating taking a year out but to no avail, you deserve a bit of time to yourself. You might not have this opportunity again.

Take this time to do whatever you want! Do nothing. Sit at home and lounge around. Travel. Take a last-minute holiday and catch some sun. Catch up with friends who are in the same situation and chill together. How you choose to spend this time is completely up to you.

I write this while relaxing on a sun-bed by the pool in Crete, and am eagerly awaiting my next trip to Ibiza in a few weeks time. I think you can tell what my post-uni approach has been. Zero graduation guilt.

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