All I ever see on my Insta feed these days are collages of friends jetting off somewhere sunny. Meanwhile, all I’ve got to post about are generic ‘take me back to Cornwall 2K18’ photos. With nothing to do over the summer and not wanting to get a part-time job, out of spite, I researched some last-minute summer holiday getaways and realised I could, surprisingly, (just about) afford one. Here’s where to drop what’s left of your student loan on a cheap last-minute holiday:



You really can’t ever spend enough time in Germany’s capital. But we’re on a budget, so make the most of the three full days you’re there for – unless you fancy completely decimating your bank account.

Flights: You’ll be flying from Bristol to Berlin on 9th July, leaving at 17:55 and landing at 21:00. Return flights will be at 16:45, landing at 17:50 local time on the 12th July. They’ll cost you £146.50.

Hostel: Because flights were on the pricier side, I’ve settled on a hostel for £51. Breakfast is an optional upgrade of £4, which is more than worth it.

Spending money: Food is cheaper here than in other European countries, with two meals a day costing 25 Euros or so. You’ll need lunch and dinner three times, bringing our food bill to 75 Euros. Thankfully, a ton of attractions are free – such as the Reichstag, Germany’s parliament, and the Brandenburg Gate. Other places, like the Berliner Unterwelten – a tour of some stellar WWII locations – cost as little as 10 Euros. That plus public transport costs means you’ll be bringing around 110 Euros, or £98. Top it up to £100 just to be safe.

Grand total: £301.50



It’s so close to the UK that it makes sense that Paris would be your go-to destination this year. Beware though: it’s a lot more expensive than you’d think. Also, it’s like 40 degrees over there right now. I’ve kept flight and hotel prices low to maximise your tourism budget.

Flights: £75 for a return flight with EasyJet. Leave on 2nd July from Bristol at 07:30 and land at 09:50 in Paris. Return home on 6th July, departing at 21:40 and landing at 21:55 local time.

Hotel: £175 for two people with breakfast included, so £87.50 each.

Spending money: Tourism can cost a lot in Paris, but day trips average out at £20. If you go on one excursion a day, you’ll need £100. With lunch costing fifteen Euros and dinner going for twenty-five, you’ll need an extra 200 Euros, so stick £180 in your wallet.

Grand total: £342.50. Take more if you can afford it, or you’ll be itching to go back.



A country of culture, Turkey is known as the gateway to Europe. It bridges the way towards Asia and used to be the powerhouse of the Byzantine Empire, loading it with heaps of history and culture. For those of us not into sight-seeing, the country’s cuisine is to-die-for. The locals serve spices and stews that’ll leave you hungry for more.

Flights: Leave Leeds Bradford on 4th July at 16:35 and land four hours later. Return home at 23:50 a week later. You won’t land until Disgusting-O-Clock in the morning, so good luck staying awake. Also, bear in mind how you’ll get home from the airport in the wee hours (or just sleep in the airport until the first train).

Cost: £260 per person for flights and a hotel (with Jet2Holiday’s two hundred quid discount).

Spending money: For seven nights, and an average cost of 87 Turkish Lira per meal (that’s food and a good bottle of red), you’ll be looking at somewhere close to 609 TL for food. Tourism could cost around 50 TL a day, so round that up to 350 TL for the entire week.

959 Turkish Lira might seem a lot, but the exchange rate is great at the moment – so in sterling that’s around £130. And if you can’t afford that, cut away the wine and don’t eat out for every meal to save money.

Grand total: £390.



San Antonio Bay is home to the party island’s world-famous clubbing scene, and this hotel is right in the middle of it. It’s perfect if you already spent a gap year getting a dose of culture in your veins and fancy skipping out on Turkey, Paris or Berlin. Plus, the sunsets are gorgeous, providing plenty of picturesque moments that you can use to boast online to friends back home.

Flights: Fly from Stansted to Ibiza on 1st July at 19:50, landing at 23:30. Leave the sunny island at 00:10 on the 5th after a day spent recovering from multiple hangovers, giving you plenty of time for a kip onboard before landing at 01:40 am.

Cost: £338 per person for an all-inclusive. Ibiza’s renowned for its nightlife, so spend the evenings inside getting bevved before heading out for a night you’ll never remember. Included are a return airport transfer and 15kg of luggage allowance, so plenty of room for your summer dresses and shirts.

Spending money: Clubs will coax you in with offers of entry, unlimited spirits and mixers for something silly like sixty quid, so take 100 Euros to be safe. Chances are you’ll bring most of it home anyway.

Grand total: £427.

Remember, we’re in peak travelling season now, so prices are hiked! So if these trips look a bit too pricey for you, have a look again in September/October for an even cheaper pre-uni or Reading Week getaway.

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