Going to uni without friends is the best thing ever

Ok, perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but hear me out! You may hear about some groups of friends who all go to uni together – they all end up living together, maybe they even do the same course, they join the same societies and spend all their time together. Of course, that’s fun as you’re with your friends from home in a scary new place, but you miss out on the fun of meeting new people and making new friends.

You get the chance to do what YOU want and not feel pressure to follow others

Think about this: if there was a society you really wanted to join, but none of your friends wanted to join it and all wanted to join a different one, maybe you wouldn’t easily sign up to the one you would prefer as you wouldn’t want to stray off from your friends! University is a time to try lots of new things and meet different people and sometimes, it can be too easy to stay safe in the comfort of the people you already know when you succumb to all these new experiences and people.

You get a clean slate

At home, you might already have an image that people expect you to be like. They assume how you might act and behave which might be based on your past experiences. At uni, you don’t have these assumptions to live up to and are free to make decisions that are truly yours and not made in order to conform to what’s expected of you.

More friends, more places

Making friends with the new people you meet is great as these are friends you don’t have to share with anyone back home if you don’t want to. You now have a completely different bunch of people you can chill out and spend time with! What’s not to love about that? Also, these friends might be from all around the world, it’s a good opportunity to learn about different cultures and different ways of thinking that might truly be different to those that you are brought up with at home.

So, if your friends aren’t joining you in your uni adventure, it might not be too bad!

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