Should You Go To Graduation?

Congratulations graduates, you did it! Now you’ve made it through the final year you’ve got a big decision to make – should you go to graduation?

There’s no denying that finishing university is a BIG deal. You’ve survived three years of late nights, countless hungover lectures and looming deadlines, all of which are things that ought to be celebrated. So what better way to mark the end of an era, than listening to your lecturers tell you how great you are and having one last boozy night with your mates? Winner!

Here are a few reasons why you don’t want to miss your graduation…

  1. Most people only do it once, so you don’t want to miss the opportunity!
  2. It’s a chance to spend the day (and night) with your uni BFFs. Some universities have their graduation ceremonies as soon as the academic year is over, but many people won’t graduate until after the summer – this means that it’s a chance to have a catch up with your housemates and have one last celebration together before entering the real world!
  3. Did somebody say photo op!? From one graduate to another, it’s time to prepare yourself for a day filled with parents getting all up in your grill…
  4. It’s a day that you will remember forever! You should be proud of what you’ve achieved, and spending the day celebrating with your loved ones is sure to make you realise just how far you’ve come.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your gown and prepare to celebrate, it’s worth it. Congratulations graduates of 2019!

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