How to make your makeup stay on at graduation

Graduating during this crazy summer heatwave? Scared to look like a sweaty mess in all your pics? Don’t worry – I got you covered. Here’s how to make your makeup stay on at graduation:


You might think using loads of moisturiser when your skin is sweating buckets is a bad idea, but trust me. Under-moisturised skin will produce more oil and oily skin + sweat? Nobody needs that. Be sure to use a moisturiser with SPF too to avoid burning in the scorching weather.

Prime well

Be liberal with your primer to make sure your makeup stays in place. Use the best one you have available and focus on the places where your makeup is most liable to come off – basically, your T zone.


Don’t go crazy or else you’ll look cakey, but set all your wet products with powder. A translucent one is good for an all-over set.

Bonus tip – easy on the highlighter

You will be glowing all day long, so there’s no need to pack on the highlighter. A little is great, but maybe use a light hand if you’re usually a fan of an all-over shine. If you really start sweating, loads of highlighter is just going to make you look oily and shiny.

Setting spray

Thank god for setting spray. Be liberal with it again, and mist it over your whole face. As well as keeping your makeup on, it should serve to freshen up your face and cool you down a bit too.

Blotting paper

Don’t have any proper blotting paper? Nip to the loo throughout the day and get a square of loo roll – lift the layers apart, so you have one super-thin sheet of paper and use that to blot your face. It’s better to do this than re-apply powder as you’ll just sweat more!

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