I asked recent grads their best memory from uni

Best three years of your life? Completed it mate. But out of three long years, what was the best moment? We asked 5 grads what their best memory from uni was:

Emma, Biological Sciences

“The summer ball – just all of it. Pres, the night itself, and then walking back at 6am with the sun rising.”

Nelly, English Literature

“My best memory from uni was finishing exams then heading straight to the union bar afterwards.”

Molly, History of Art

“I was so excited to go to uni, so I think for me it was just arriving. My halls were nothing special, but to me, it was paradise – just to have some freedom and independence at last.”

Cassie, English Literature

“Academically – getting a first in my dissertation. Socially – probably one of the nights where we managed to get absolutely all of our friendship group out, which was actually a pretty rare occurrence.”

Danny, Physics

“Honestly, probably Freshers’ Week in first year. It was such a rollercoaster, but I doubt I’ll ever experience anything like it again.”

Uni is a time to explore, to experience and to learn. Some of our best memories can stem from every aspect that defines our uni lives. Something we will cherish.

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