5 things you’ll only get if you’re a graduand

You’ve all heard of grad life – the limbo between graduating and starting a job/Masters/whatever it is you’re doing next – but have you heard about GRADUAND life? For the even weirder limbo between finishing exams and actually graduating? Here’s everything you’ll relate to if you’ve been living life as a graduand recently.

1. Is there any point in getting a job?

So, you quit your lousy Student Union job to make the most of those golden few weeks after exams, and you have a shiny new internship/job/masters waiting for you in August anyway. But the time between finishing and graduating is actually longer than you thought and you’re left fidgeting. Should you get a job for literally two weeks?

2. What do I put in my social media bios?

You were quite content with the ‘Home town/uni’ format, but now… what do you put? Do you take out the uni bit? That seems too brutal – you’re not ready to let go that much. ‘X uni graduate’? But you aren’t. ‘X uni graduand’? No one will know what it means, but at least it’s accurate.

3. Where do I live???

‘Let’s all head back up to uni early so we can spend some time together before graduation!’. You’ll pop this in the house group chat before realising… YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A HOUSE THERE. Where do you intend to stay? With most house contracts running out on July 1, most graduands find themselves without a house in their uni city, which can be a pretty weird and sad feeling.

4. Anyone else feel totally aimless?

Can’t get ahead on reading or think about your diss topic anymore. Without work to do, it’s hard not to feel kind of aimless.

5. But you’re still cherishing this time

But still – these are your last few weeks of really belonging to your uni, so you’re cherishing the time all the same.

At times, we find ourselves waiting in distress for weeks to pass until we move onto the next stage of our lives. Take advantage of this spare time and relax, reflect and appreciate interim periods. When the busyness cranks up you’ll wish you had those limbo periods.

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