Don’t take your anger out on festival organisers

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet, on social media, or seen the news recently, you’ll probably know that Boardmasters and Houghton festivals have been cancelled due to extreme weather warnings. And the responses of some people have been similarly extreme.

While I would be hugely upset if this happened to me – I would genuinely probably cry for three days – I don’t think it’s fair for people to blast the organisers as harshly as some are doing.

The festivals haven’t been cancelled arbitrarily, and no one is missing out as much as the organisers are. Not only are they not making money (duh), but they’re actively losing money. I don’t think they’d cancel without some serious thought.

On top of the financial loss, you really get the impression that the organisers are genuinely gutted themselves. I imagine you don’t go into an industry like this without having a burning passion for music and events, and so I think it’s fair to say the organisers are experiencing disappointment akin to that of the ticket holders – if not much, much worse.

While it does suck, and I’m sure those who are missing out are angry, it doesn’t make sense to direct this anger at the organisers. Can you imagine if things had gone ahead and there’d been an enormous disaster at either Boardmasters or Houghton – or both? I’m sure if the weather remains calm through the weekend that people will be even more livid, but the organisers have spoken to the MET office – and even the MET office get things wrong sometimes. Surely it’s better to be safe than sorry? What if the weather does get worse?

While emotions are running high now, be thankful you’re not dealing with an even bigger tragedy.

Serena Smith

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