Why graduation is worth it

Graduation has to be one of the best days of your life – one you’ll remember forever – but some people are left thinking it isn’t worth the cost. While you don’t have to pay to ‘graduate’, necessarily, once you factor in the cost of a gown, a mortarboard, an outfit, photography, and a meal afterwards… the costs really rack up. But here’s why it’s worth the (sadly necessary) splurge.

You’re with all your friends and family

What more could you want? You can finally introduce your uni friends to your parents and vice versa. Graduation might be the first time you see some people since exams finished – or indeed the last time you see them at all – so you’ll really cherish the time you have with your coursemates.

People buy you alcohol!

Amazing. Whether it’s your parents or a friend/partner you’ve brought along, you’re guaranteed to be showered in free prosecco. Some departments often give out free drinks in a reception before or after your ceremony too. So even if you’ve spent over £70 on a gown, you’ll get bottomless prosecco all day for free (hopefully).

You really get to take pride in your uni

Most unis really pull out all the stops for graduation and doll the place up. Whether they put up cute photo ops or spruce up the existing scenery, it’s a day to really feel proud of your uni. It is ridiculous that you’re somehow £200 poorer following the big day, but at least you got to take a photo next to a big sign with your uni’s name on, right???

And take pride in yourself!

Seriously and most importantly – it’s a day of recognising all your achievements, something you should be attending. Just like a wedding is a celebration of two people’s love, graduation is a celebration of your own success. Any past worries about grades can finally be put to bed as you celebrate all your hard work over the last three years!

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