How to kick the post-graduation existential dread

Graduating from university marks the end of a large chapter in your life. It can be easy to start worrying about jobs or grad schemes or Masters, but don’t! Here’s how to avoid the post-graduation existential dread.

Throw yourself into a new project

A project that you really feel passionate about. If you’re slogging it in a job just to make ends meet, make sure you have a side-project that really makes your heart sing. It doesn’t matter what it is, but make sure it’s something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Look after your mental health

Post-graduation is a really critical time for your mental health. A sudden lifestyle change can be enough to trigger underlying depression and anxiety, but it doesn’t have to if you take care of yourself. Go easy on yourself, stay in touch with your therapist if you have one, take your meds if you take them, try and get some fresh air and exercise every day.

Keep in touch with your friends

It’s natural to miss you old uni friends, you spent a long time with each other and the final moments of uni can be quite an emotional time. Staying in touch with university friends will stop you from feeling isolated. Don’t think that just because you’ve graduated, you’ve lost a bunch of friends! You haven’t! Just remember, friendship takes work – arrange meetups, Facetimes and phone calls, and you’ll find yourself lifelong buddies.

Most importantly, please, don’t be hard on yourself

It’s so easy to constantly slip into self-deprecating thoughts like: I’m not finding a job fast enough, I’m not getting the career that I wanted. Guys, you just graduated with a degree. Please pat yourself on the back for that before you start to beat yourself up over the next thing! As humans, we are always chasing the next goal before we even acknowledge that we just achieved something that was our biggest goal a few years ago.

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