How to beat pre-uni cold feet

Now that September is getting ever closer, uni is too. While some just can’t wait to get there, many are dreading it. Feel like you’re set on dropping out before even starting? Perhaps you’re feeling like your Clearing experience is all too last minute? Here’s how to beat the feeling.

Remember everyone is in the same boat

Terrified to leave home? So are most. Think of all your friends who are in the same position as you and keep telling yourself ‘if he/she can do it, so can I’. Think of the silliest person you know. If THEY can do it, so can you!

Any friends going to your uni?

While there are plenty of reasons why going to uni without knowing anyone is a good idea, it doesn’t hurt to take comfort in the fact that you know a few others there. Even if you don’t know them too well, reaching out and dropping them a simple ‘hey, are you going to Uni of X next year?’ is a good way to make contact. As I said, everyone’s in the same boat, so they’ll be glad to have a familiar face around, I’m sure. Tell yourself that you can always chill out with your home friends at uni if things get too much – it can be a very comforting thought, even if you don’t ever end up acting on it.

Talk to your friends

Be open – if you let your nerves fester and you go round and round in circles in your head, it can seem like sacking it all off is the best option. But that isn’t necessarily the case. Talk to your friends – ones who will take you seriously – about your feelings. Hopefully, they can put your mind at ease.

Join channels and groups

Meet your coursemates and flatmates online before going and your nerves will rapidly ease up. As I keep saying – you’ll soon realise everyone is nervous deep down – and talking this through with your future uni friends can be really productive. Getting excited to meet people and finding people you know you’ll get along with before leaving home can also feel really relieving.

Resolve to at least give it a go

Why drop out before you’ve even seen what it’s like? Give yourself an ultimatum – try it and then reassess. Sometimes dropping out is the best option for some, but if it’s purely because of nerves then that’s no real reason. The first few weeks can often feel weird and aren’t necessarily an accurate experience of what uni’s actually like, so try and stick it out for a month at least.

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